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Full Access Subscription

Website Features
(Free Lifetime Updates)

There is nothing better than owning your own website, no marketplace fees, control over your own policies, services, customer relationships and so much more. We would recommend a website to anyone that is wanting an online business. In fact the more websites you own the better, it just means you will make that much more.

We know getting your own website, starting a business etc is usually a scary, time consuming and expensive venture, but with our Ready2Launch websites, we can have you up and running same day in most cases. There isn't a business out there you can start this cheap and fast with as much functionality and features as our sites offer.

Fast & Easy Setup
Our system will walk you through a simple step by step setup process that will have you up and running in no time without needing any coding knowledge. For a custom website with similar features to our sites you would have spent $15,000-$20,000 at least, and then probably another $5,000 or so making changes and adjustments to get it where you need it.

Free Domain Name
We include a free domain name with your website, or you can use a domain you already own. The activation system will walk you through the domain setup process so that it is quick, easy and automated.

Free SSL Certificate
We want to make sure all the information that is sent to/from your website is secure, so we are including a free SSL certificate with your website.

Email Options
Your website needs to send emails for new customer registrations, new orders, tracking numbers, promotions etc. You have the option to use an email address you already own with your website, or you can get an email address from us with quick and automated setup.

Free Organic SEO
We have done everything technically possible in the coding of your website for SEO so that your website can be found on all the search engines, Included with your website you will get multiple custom sitemaps, custom robots.txt file setup, rich snippets, breadcrumbs, products meta data, category meta data, CMS page meta data, optimized code, Google & other search engine integration and much more.

The services you get for free would have cost you thousands of dollars to get done, and in most cases you would still not get the level of SEO we provide with your website.

Fraud Detection
Sometimes new website owners can attract some not so honest customers, and the new website owner is so thrilled to have an order, they don't really pay to close attention to the order details and they end up losing money because of it. Our websites include fraud detection that will help you watch for orders that require closer attention.

You will also have the ability to tweak your fraud filter settings if you want to make the rules more aggressive, or more relaxed.

Keep in mind you own your website business, so if you are feeling "iffy" about a transaction, it is fine to cancel it, refund your customer and move on. There is no policy you are violating since you set your own policies for your business.

Full Automation
You can set your website to be fully automated so orders are processed automatically that pass your fraud filters and have tracking emailed to your customer through your website from your email address within 10 minutes of tracking being available.

Choose Your Niche & Design
Upon setup you can choose the theme and/or niche, maybe you want an electronics website, or one just for computers & accessories, or marine product, home & garden etc. Your website will automatically populate with all the products from all the warehouses you have activated, plus you can add your own products or products from other suppliers.

Unlimited Products
You can add unlimited products from any of our warehouses and the inventory will be managed automatically. You will also have the ability to add as many of your own products as you choose.

Multiple Payment Method Options
Our website can be integrated with about any payment option out there, but out of the box it is ready to connect to the following.

Pay with Amazon

If you need an integration with a different provider please contact us first with the company you would like to integrate with and we will let you know if it will be possible.

Add Custom Scripts
You have the ability to add custom scripts to your website, during the setup we provide a step by step walk through to add Google Analytics, Add This (social integration), and Live Chat, all of which are free.

Marketing Extras
We also included some extra features with your website that we found to be quite effective to capture and keep your customers attention.

Follow Up Email Marketing
Email marketing is a top marketing strategy. Your website includes our intuitive email marketing system. You can create an unlimited amount of automated emails to be sent based on the rules you set. For example:

1. You can set a rule to email your customer right after they register, then have it send another in 3 days, 10 days, 30 days, 90 days, 1 year etc, so you can keep in constant contact your customer without having to manage and send all those emails yourself.

2. You can set a rule to email your customer a coupon code if they make a purchase on your website or buy a specific product.

3. You can set a rule to automatically send your customer an email if they haven't been back to your site in 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, 1 year etc.

The rules you can set to automate your emails is limitless. You set the conditions, and the system will email whatever you choose for you exactly when you want it sent, you can even have the same rule send out multiple delayed emails based on a timer that you set. You will be able to schedule emails as far into the future as you want.

Professional Blog
Blogs can drive more traffic to your website than anything else out there, it is very good for your website SEO. Here is why we say that. People in general love valuable content, especially when its free. With a blog you can give people just that. Everyone reading this has something they know a lot about and generally will have a good deal of experience to go with it, for some it may be cooking, others it may be electronics & gadgets, others it may be car repair, or fitness. The list can go on and on, but hopefully you get the idea.

A blog gives you a voice to talk about the things you are passionate about, and people want to hear about your experience as there are plenty of others with an interest in the same thing.

For example, lets say your passion is Music (this is just an example, you can substitute music for anything you would like). You can write a blog page (as short or as long as you would like) talking about your passion, and throughout the story, instruction guide, comparison or any other type of blog you decide to write, you can add links to various products you sell and recommend for your readers to buy. This will go along way, since your readers are going to look up to you and take your recommendations more seriously.

With our professional blog, you can write as many articles as you want, create as many categories as you want. Every article you write will be indexed on google and able to be found through the search engines. You will also be able to allow your readers to leave comments, or you can disable comments.

Advanced Layered Navigation
This is a customization we did to help your customers find the products they are looking for by using various product attributes. This is also great for SEO as it helps give you a boost in search results since your product data is more detailed for the search engines to read.

Smart Landing Pages
This is a great marketing tool, this allows you to easily create new custom pages for your website easily without any coding knowledge. We can't tell you enough how important this is for your SEO. Every page you create will be indexed and available on google search as well as most other common search engines.

There are a few main reasons why this is helpful and we decided to build it into your website.

1. When you go to do your marketing, you can create A/B testing pages so you can see who is sending you the most traffic. (this means if you were marketing on facebook and googls ads, you would use one custom landing page for all your facebook ads, and another landing page for all your google ads, so you can get a really good idea of whats working and what isn't.

2. You can create an entire page dedicated to a single product, or category. This is really handy when you want to run various promotions.

3. You can create pages where you can write unique content on things you know a lot about or are passionate about. (example: if you know a lot about security cameras, you can create a custom landing page where you can provide your in depth knowledge on a subject that others would find helpful, this is great for your SEO and will drive a ton of traffic to your site when done correctly.

You want to avoid doing it incorrectly, an example would be to go in and copy/paste something you found on someone elses website or write something that doesn't really provide any helpful information or value to anyone.)

Customer Segmentation
This tool really helps you get to know your customers and their buying habits so that you can use the follow up email marketing tool to send emails to cusotmers that fall into your segmentation group.

This works like this, lets says you have a customer that purchased $1000+ worth of computer parts in the last 30 days, this tells you that you want to make sure this customer is aware of any new computer parts or ones you think they would be interested in.

You can create a segmentation for customers that come to your website often but never buy anything, then have the follow up email tool send out a coupon code on something the customer has looked at several times but never purchased.

You can create an unlimited amount of segmentations, and you can create an unlimited amount of rules, so your imagination is the limit for how you want to group your customers together.

Smart Coupon Codes
We customized this feature so that you can create coupon codes that will work for everyone, or you can create coupon codes that only work for specific customers, you can customize the codes to be anything you want, or have them automatically generate based on any rules that you create.

You can specify the terms of the coupon code to work anyway that your imagination can come up with. This is great for marketing and getting customers interacting with your website.

Newletter Popup
This tool allows you to offer discounts or whatever you choose in exchange for the customer to provide their email address and authorizes you to send them marketing emails with your Follow Up Email Marketing tool.

One Page Checkout
We customized the checkout so everything is on one page, drastically reducing your abandoned cart ratio. The one page checkout is much easier for your customer to use as they can see everything they need on the same screen.

Loyalty Booster
This promotional tool will allow you to set multi tier discounts, basically the more your customer buys, the more of a discount that they will receive. For instance a member will start out as a standard member, but lets say your first stage is set at $25, once they spend $25 or more within a 12 month period they will become a Bronze Member (you can name these anything you would like), which will save them 1% at checkout on their next purchase, now lets say you have the next tier set at $100 and 2% discount, $500 and 3% discount and so on as they move up the tiers by spending more. This is a great way to keep customers coming back since customer retention is a big part of having a successful business.

Gift Cards
This feature allows your customers to purchase gift cards for any occasion, they can purchase preset amounts or enter their own custom amount. This feature helps maintain custom loyalty, and usually when someone gets a gift from a loved one from your store, they will start shopping with you regularly, so its a great way to build lasting customer relationships.

Gift Registry
This feature allows your customers to create a gift registry for weddings, birthdays, special events, baby showers or just about anything else they want. They can then share their registry with all their friends, create a unique login for them to make purchases from and much more. This is also another great way to help build your customer base.

Although your website comes already designed with everything you need to do business, you can also change the look and feel of your website however you need. Some of you may need custom features, custom integrations, custom design etc. You can make most of the changes yourself, and we are also very good at writing code and design, we can create anything that your mind can come up with, so if you need customization please contact us for a quote.

Much More
There are a lot more features included, but if we put them all here most of you would never make it through the read. Your website is built with the dropshipping business model in mind to make sure things go easy and smooth for you, as well as make you money.

Full Access Subscription Details

Full Access Features

We can't even come close to telling you about all the latest, cutting edge features our site can offer your drop shipping business without having you reading here for hours. This is why we offer a free trial so you can decide for yourself. Below you can get a quick overview of some of the great features.

Unlimited Access to Our Warehouses
You will get access to all our warehouses. You will have the ability to turn any suppliers On or Off so that you control what products you have access to.

Unlimited Channel Integrations
You will get access to all of our automated marketplace & channel integration tools such as eBay, Amazon, Bonanza, Shopify, Bigcommerce etc. You can find a full list of the channels we are currently integrated with on your Dropship Town account dashboard. We plan on adding several new channels in the coming months ahead.

Automatic Real Time Product Updates
All of our tools and feeds are updated in real time so you know stock levels, pricing, product updates ect are available to you right away.

Control Over Your Automated Pricing
We include the item cost, shipping cost, marketplace fees & payment fees on every product, then we add a base 3% + $0.75 profit on every product, From there you can add any profit margin you would like for each supplier, This gives you flexibility over your pricing and the abililty to add different margins for different types of products.

Fast Bulk Product Processing
Our tools and feeds are very efficient allowing you to get hundreds or thousands of products listed on your channel very quickly and managed efficiently.

Product Filtering & Custom Block List
There may be some products that marketplaces like (ebay, amazon etc) will give you a violation or warning if you try to sell. We update our marketplace block list daily to do our best to keep you out of trouble. You will also have your own custom block list where you can add the products you choose so they don't get listed on eBay, Amazon etc.

Enterprise Level Technology
We have been building marketplace tools for nearly 20 years, and we stay very current with the changes so that our tools are very smart, yet very easy and simple to get started and use. This allows you to come in and select just a few or hundreds,, thousands, tens of thousands etc products in just a few clicks and push them wherever you want to send them.

Full Automation with Security
On qualifying channels such as eBay, Amazon, Ready2Launch Websites, etc you can take advantage of our ability to fully automate the transactions, from listing and managing the products, to monitoring your orders for fraud, placing the orders automatically if they pass your fraud filters, sending tracking back to ebay, Amazon etc automatically so you don't have to hover all day waiting for tracking and orders. When tracking is available everything will process automatically within minutes.